Strategic Partnerships

Kentish Strategic Projects

Specialising in the acquisition, promotion and delivery of strategic land, Kentish Projects has established itself as one of the most successful strategic land operators in the South of England.

At Kentish Projects, planning is at the heart of everything we do. From the moment we identify a prospective site for development, to achieving an implementable planning permission and delivering the vision, we leave nothing to chance.

Working in partnership with landowners, local authorities and communities across the South of England to deliver high quality developments that meet local housing and infrastructure needs, we consider every aspect of the site, provide solutions to problems and unlock the land’s potential.

Working with local stakeholders every step of the way we create thoughtful, well designed schemes that meet the needs and aspirations of the communities they serve. We successfully navigate each project through the planning process and build a community in which everyone can take pride.

Our strategic sites are planned and delivered to incorporate the very best of 21st Century Garden Village Principles. Through careful master planning we arrange streets, open spaces, landscaping and buildings to generate the look and feel of an established community and place. Our core focus on sustainable design ensures that it will remain as such for generations to come.