Seascape, Sandgate


Sandgate sits snug and quiet on the Kent coast. With good road and rail connections – Euro Tunnel is only two miles away and there is a fast train to three main London stations – this affluent town has drawn people to its relaxed pace of life for over a hundred years. The first train from London pulled in to Folkestone Harbour in December 1843, turning the town into a minor Riviera overlooking the English Channel. Always a cultural centre, thanks to its antique shops and artistic colony, Sandgate provides a climate and relaxed way of life we can still enjoy today; a haven from our modern busy lifestyles.


Creative use of Sandgate’s natural light is built into Seascape’s design. The south-facing main elevation employs full height glass walls and sliding doors to capture and maximise the light. Open plan living space is a key design element, with some apartments utilising internal glass screens to reflect natural light throughout.

Floor Plans