Royal Harbour View, Ramsgate


Royal Harbour View is just off Liverpool Lawn which leads to Nelson and Wellington Crescents with their fine Chinese pagoda style canopied balconies and their delicate iron railings and supports that further embellish these wonderful Regency properties. Liverpool Lawn is just a short walk to the beautiful local beaches, award winning restaurants and wonderful promenades.

The properties will have direct sea views across to what is the only Royal Harbour in the country, with a mixture of quaint sailing boats and cruisers in the inner harbour to the larger fishing vessels in the outer harbour.


Liverpool Lawn was built between 1827 and 1836 and named after the Earl of Liverpool who was at the time the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and later became the Prime Minister between 1812-1820.

The Royal Harbour was built as a result of a great storm in 1703. In 1821 George IV departed the harbour for Hanover and on his safe return he bestowed the title “Royal” upon the harbour. An obelisk in the pier yard was erected out of granite to commemorate this event.

Ramsgate played its part in World War II; the most famous event being Operation Dynamo – the rescuing of thousands of troops from the beaches at Dunkirk. Some of the heroic ‘little ships’ that made these perilous crossings still exist within the harbour.

The town is rich in historical associations. Karl Marx visited in 1870 and Queen Victoria came to Ramsgate many times as a child. Edward Welby Pugin (1812-1852) built his home here and Vincent Van Gogh lived in Spencer Square in 1876.

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